Unison Research CD Primo CD Player



全新意大利製造Unison Research香港限量限定版! 意大利Unison Research剛剛為香港特別製造了 一批Primo CD 及 Primo 擴音器! 特別製作之膽Primo CD 及 Primo 擴音器用來聽Jazz及Classical音樂感非凡。一部專屬香港人的CD及擴音機! - ECC82 Burr Brown SRC4192 24bit Each product Unison Research designs and builds is the sum of our long experience in high-quality audio, coupled with our passion and commitment to providing music lovers with the opportunity to experience wonderful sound. While we are bound by tradition, we still have an eye to the future. So we developed a CD player with great sound quality and and great flexibility. The CD Primo also presents a new, attractive style that is distinctive and winning, with a brushed aluminum faceplate and a simple but visually stunning front panel layout. USB capabilities transport this solid product well into the future.