Thorens TD-148A (M2 Blue Cartridge)



Product Features: Made in Germany. Thorens TD 148A sets the standard for high level full automatic turntables in the market in technology and design. A high quality plinth, a precise glass platter and the new tonearm which is derived from the high end TP 92 prove this. TD 148 A Overview Additionally, there is still the classical belt drive and the very quiet running DC motor and a suspended “floating” chassis. 78rpm are available for playing old shellac records. Instead of a fixed cable a pair of RCA Jacks allow usage of any cable you like for connecting the TD 148A to the amp. Ortofon M2 Blue cartridge is preinstalled. Key Features - Fully automatic turntable - Three speed design: 33.3/ 45/ 78 rpm - Polished precision belt - Floating Chassis - Glass platter with exact guide - Optimized tonearm - Cartridge Ortofon M2 Blue preinstalled