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為慶祝 QED 成立 50 週年,Golden Anniversary XT 喇叭線是 5 年來專注研究、工程和音頻專業知識的結晶。對於任何想要以實際價格體驗高端揚聲器電纜的聲音優勢的高保真發燒友來說,它是理想的升級產品。 Golden Anniversary XT 喇叭線採用了自家最新的 X-Tube Plus 技術,以及 UP-OCC 單晶銅及 99.999% 無氧銅混合導體。擁有同系列線材之中,更精確成像和定位方面的表現。提供真正身臨其境的聆聽體驗,具有開放、寬敞的音場以及讓您喘不過氣來的細節和清晰度。尤其是在中低音細節上,如銅管樂器和木管樂器,它能夠忠實地呈現出音樂的細節,並為動態表現(如擊打樂器)提供更多的力量。Golden Anniversary XT 的聲音更加集中,可以更輕鬆地定位音場中的特定樂器。而且低音瞬態方面尤其出色,無論您是在聆聽喜愛的音樂還是在觀看電影,Golden Anniversary XT 都能以前所未有的方式讓您的音頻栩栩如生。 QED’s Golden Anniversary XT speaker cable celebrates the British brand’s 50th birthday The new model promises high-end performance at a real-world price. QED celebrates 50 years with a special edition speaker cable QED celebrates its 50th anniversary in style, with the introduction of its Golden Anniversary XT speaker cable. Representing the culmination of five decades of dedicated and extensive research, engineering and audio expertise, Golden Anniversary XT speaker cable is the ideal upgrade for any hi-fi enthusiast who wants to experience the sonic benefits of a high-end speaker cable - but at a real-world price Five decades of audio engineering pedigree QED has been designing and engineering class-leading and award-winning analogue and digital cables for five decades - and the Golden Anniversary XT is the latest demonstration of the company’s expertise. Quality Electronic Design (QED) was formed in 1973 by forward-thinking hi-fi enthusiasts, Bob Abraham and Ian Vine. The company is now considered the original cable brand, having released QED 79 Strand, widely recognised as the world’s first “specialist” loudspeaker cable. This product demonstrated how cables could have a tangible impact on audio performance. QED’s Genesis Report on loudspeaker cable design followed. This research established scientifically proven principles, which are as valid today as they were 28 years ago and informs all QED cable designs, including the pioneering X-Tube™ technology that enables precise and consistent signal delivery across the entire frequency range.


英國 QED 50年來出品無數影音線材,不懈追求完美的 QED 於 1994 年率先採用科學搜証技術,將線材對音響組合的表現以數據分析及表達出來,並寫下 ”The Genesis Report”, 改變世界各地影音迷對發燒線材的觀念。

新推出的 50週年紀念喇叭線 Golden Anniversary XT, 採用了自家最新的 X-Tube Plus 技術,以及 UP-OCC 單晶銅及 99.999% 無氧銅混合導體。擁有同系列線材之中,更精確成像和定位方面的表現。


相較於鍍銀且橫截面更大的 QED XT400 喇叭線,Golden Anniversary XT 的聲音更加集中,可以更輕鬆地定位音場中的特定樂器。而且低音瞬態方面尤其出色,與所有三款X-Tube™ 喇叭線性質相似,但在高音細節和立體感方面更為出色,令人印象深刻。

QED REFERENCE Golden Anniversary XT

- 最新 X-Tube Plus 技術,進一步提升音樂感

- UP-OCC 單晶銅及 99.999% 無氧銅混合導體

- LDPE 絕緣,提高效率並減少訊號損失

- 專利 Airloc 冷焊插頭,提高接觸面積並降低電阻

Key features at a glance

  • NEW X-Tube™ Plus technology combines X-Tube™ with Aircore™ to deliver an even, consistent performance across the entire audible frequency range.
  • Ultra-pure Ohno Continuous Cast Copper and 99.999% oxygen-free copper conductor blend helps improve the signal path and signal retention.
  • Low Loss Ultra-Uniform Dielectric insulation boosts efficiency and reduces signal loss.
  • Airloc™ Forte banana plugs use a cold weld system for permanent attachment to the cable for improved contact area and reduced resistance.

X-Tube™ Plus technology

QED’s innovative and proven X-Tube™ technology places a cable’s conductive material around a central hollow insulating rod - and the result is the elimination of the ‘skin effect’ that would otherwise force high-frequency analogue music signals to the outside of the conductor. And by combining X-Tube™ technology with its equally effective Aircore™ technology, QED also reduces the ‘proximity effect’ that can disrupt current distribution in a speaker cable. The result is X-Tube™ Plus: a ground-breaking cable geometry that ensures Golden Anniversary XT is a speaker cable with even, consistent performance across the entire audible frequency range.

Ultra-Pure Ohno Continuous Cast Copper conductors

Golden Anniversary XT uses a unique hybrid blend of 99.999% oxygen-free copper (‘OFC’) and Ultra-Pure Ohno Continuous Cast Copper (‘UP-OCC’) to give the improved signal path and outstanding signal retention of ultra-pure copper conductors - but at a fraction of the price. Thanks to class-leading research and engineering, QED Golden Anniversary XT is the most affordable and attainable speaker cable to exploit the advantages of the continuous-casting process, with this hybrid theoretically improving the path for transients and high frequency detail not available using just OFC alone.

Low-Loss Ultra-Uniform Dielectric insulation

If a speaker cable is to perform to its maximum potential, it’s important that the dielectric material which insulates and protects the central conductors of the cable does so efficiently. Golden Anniversary XT uses a specially developed and formulated low-density polyethylene (‘LDPE’), which works in unison with the cable’s X-Tube Plus configuration to deliver a speaker cable that has high-efficiency and a dissipation factor that is barely measurable.

Airloc™ Forté banana plugs

Airloc™ is a specially developed cold-weld system for permanently attaching QED Forté banana plugs to the company’s entire range of speaker cables, Golden Anniversary XT included. The most vulnerable area of the speaker cable chain is the physical interface between the cable and the speaker or amplifier to which it’s connected - without effective termination, oxidation can occur, degrading the cable’s performance. By using a cold weld crimp-type termination, Forté banana plugs offer maximum resistance to oxidation - for the lifetime of the cable - by effectively turning the cable and the plug into a single, unified object.

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