Polk Audio Monitor XT60 High-Resolution Floor Standing Loudspeakers (Pair)



Monitor XT60 高保真落地式重低音喇叭 動感十足,氣勢恢宏,沉浸式高傳真音質,美國設計,適合各個房間的優異音質 Monitor XT60呈現出水晶般清晰的高音,強大流暢的低音以及動態高保真音質,將音樂、電影、電視和遊戲魅力發揮到出色。 MXT60已獲得高傳真音訊認證,相容於杜比全景聲和DTS:X,經濟實惠,設計緊湊,可擺放在任何位置,彰顯了Polk「劃時代的美式音響」的一貫承諾。 Monitor XT60 Dynamic and Energetic, Immerse Yourself in Hi-Res Sound, Engineering and designed in the USA, Great sound for every room Monitor XT60 maximizes your enjoyment of music, movies, TV and gaming by immersing you in dynamic, high-resolution sound with crystal clear highs and powerful, effortless bass. Hi-Res Audio Certified, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatible, and in a modern, accessibly priced design, the MXT60 tower loudspeaker fulfills the Polk promise of great sound for all.




Monitor XT60的Terylene半球形高音單元可播放超出人耳聽覺範圍的聲音,更高可達40kHz,確保聽眾不僅能聽到,而且能感覺到空氣感、清晰感、力量感和空曠感。 MXT60是欣賞高保真電影、遊戲,或更新的高保真串流服務(如Apple Music)的選擇。




Monitor XT所有型號均為傳遞純淨音質而設計:鍍鎳接線柱保證直接的無損連接;托架式MDF箱體讓低音與高音清晰可辨,阻斷不必要的共振;可拆卸格柵能夠將聲波幹擾降至更低。


整個Monitor XT系列產品的設計都採用音色一致的優異組件,使用者可以混合搭配,自由建造夢想中的家庭劇院或聽音系統。各個音箱合理搭配,無縫混音,構成統一音場,為您奉上真正的沉浸式聆聽體驗。

Product Features:

Certified Hi-Res Audio Performance

Monitor XT60’s Terylene dome tweeters enable playback beyond the range of human hearing—up to 40kHz—ensuring an airy, clear, high-end energy and spaciousness that you’ll not only hear but feel. MXT60 is perfect for enjoying high resolution movies, gaming or the latest hi-res streaming services like Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music HD, Qobuz and Spotify HiFi.

Surprisingly Effortless Bass

Polk has always been known for speakers that produce effortless bass, the MXT60 is no exception. A beefy 6.5” high-efficiency, Dynamically Balanced woofer enhanced by dual 6.5” passive resonators provides a clean, open mid-range and punchy, responsive bass, with low distortion—making voices and instruments clearly heard and movie soundtracks and music filled with impact.

Built for Pure Listening

All Monitor XT models are made for the enjoyment of pure sound: Their nickel- plated binding posts guarantee a direct, lossless connection; low-resonance, critically braced, MDF cabinets isolate the sound of the woofer and tweeter without adding unwanted resonances; and their removable, precision-fit grilles minimize sonic interference.

Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Compatible

Compatible with the latest Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound enabled AV receivers and 4- & 8-ohm amplifiers, Monitor XT does not require specialized equipment to deliver great sound. Combine the MXT90 height module with theMXT60 to experience new dimensions of 3D sound.