Ortofon MC Cadenza Blue Moving Coil Cartridge



全鑽石針頭, Fritz Gyger 70, 型鑽石針, 唱頭 The story about Cadenza Cadenza (from Italian: meaning cadence) refers to a portion of a concert in which the orchestra stops playing, leaving the soloist to play alone in free time, without a strict, regular pulse. A cadenza can be written or improvised. It’s usually the most elaborate and virtuosic part the solo instrument plays during the whole piece. At the end of the cadenza, the orchestra re-enters, and generally finishes off the movement. During the 19th century, composers began to write cadenzas out in full. Others wrote cadenzas for works, where the composer had intended for the solo to be improvised, in order for the soloist to have a well formed solo that they could practice in advance. Some of these have become so widely played and sung that they are effectively a part of the standard repertoire. 丹麥 Ortofon Cadenza 動圈式唱頭 自 Ortofon Kontrapunkt 及 MC Jubilee 兩大唱頭系列開始,已成為黑膠唱頭市場的標準。擔當著取替此兩系列的 Cadenza,Ortofon 將鈷鐵桿接合及線圈繞製技術加以改良,使聲­音既通透細緻且動態凌厲。Cadenza 是意大利文 “節奏的意思”,也就是 Ortofon 設計此唱頭系列的原意,所以每個 Cadenza 唱頭都擁有動靜佳宜、收放自如的­音樂重播表現。Cadenza 系列動圈唱頭,不但能延續以往產品所銘定標準,而且更將 Ortofon 的領導地位步向另一里程碑。 丹麥 Ortofon Cadenza Blue 動圈式唱頭 Cadenza Blue所營造的音場寬廣華麗。聆聽複雜的歌曲時,能夠清楚感覺到入微的動態變化和臨場感。該款唱頭所重現的音樂清晰度極高,帶給聽者置身現場的感覺。唱頭能夠真實重現清晰度高的音樂。Cadenza Blue唱頭採用FG 70裸鑽唱針和超薄紅寶石針臂。線圈由6NX (99.9999 %)純銀線製成。產品改良了音訊線在電樞上的纏繞方式,進而改善了聲道平衡。

Product Details

Cadenza Blue is true to the music with a tremendous clarity.

The Cadenza Blue model is using a Nude FG 70 stylus with a very thin ruby cantilever.
The coils are made from 6NX (99.9999 %) pure silver wire.
An improved winding process on the armature allows a better channel balance.

The soundstage of Cadenza Blue is wide open and grandiose straight out of the box. Micro dynamic and ambience will be evident when listening to complex compositions. It reaches a very high degree of definition in the perspective, which is very present.

MC Cadenza Series' accessories included the package

  • 1 x Stylus brush, fibre
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • Leadwires, pair LW-6N
  • Screws, pair M2,5 x 3
  • Screws, pair M2,5 x 5
  • Screws, pair M2,5 x 6

The Cadenza series

At Ortofon we constantly look for new technology to be used in our products and push the performance of existing technology. Thus we assure the highest level of performance and quality. The Kontrapunkt models and MC Jubilee became market standards and are among our most popular cartridges. Nevertheless Ortofon decided to develope a new cartridge series that is even more ambitious.

By carefully implementing cobalt-iron pole pieces, new improved winding process on the armature, using extruded aluminium housing in the models as well as other changes, we have been able to reveal new possibilities in performing the analogue information. It was also decided to make a more complete range of cartridges, which meant an introduction of a moving coil Cadenza Mono model to support our customers, who have an extended interest in micro groove mono records.

Each of the five Cadenza Series cartridges has its own individual sonic expression, and all five models together represent the ensemble of five classic variations:

MC Cadenza Mono is a true mono cartridge for playing mono microgroove vinyl records

  • MC Cadenza Mono is a true mono cartridge for playing mono microgroove vinyl records
  • MC Cadenza Red delivers open, dynamic sound with a touch of warmth
  • MC Cadenza Blue adds more dynamics and resolution, sounds more open and reproduces more details
  • MC Cadenza Bronze adds even more details and resolution but in a very evenhanded way that pays respect to all elements
  • MC Cadenza Black is the best of everything, true to the groove with resolution and accurate insight into each recording

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