Mutec REF10 SE120 The FlowMaster




Mutec SE120是REF10 發燒級參考主時鐘 的特殊版本 REF10可生成 10 MHz 信號,具有行業領先的低相位噪聲(即抖動),可顯著改善數字播放系統。作為您在家中數字音頻管弦樂隊的指揮,REF10 將以前所未有的清晰度、優美的動態和純淨的音樂激發您的靈感。 而SE120提供更精心製造的烤箱控制晶體振盪器(OCXO)。該振盪器實現的相位噪聲值<-120 dBc 在從載波頻率偏移 1 Hz 處測得10兆赫。 The REF10 SE120 is a special version of the REF10 that further enhanced in terms of signal performance. It outperforms the original REF10 in this regard considerably. A clearly measurable advantage is the result of a special feature of the REF10 SE120: its much more elaborately manufactured and selected OCXO. This oscillator is selected according to the strictest standards in test procedures lasting many hours with help of exceptionally precise and expensive measuring technology. The use of such an outstanding oscillator is responsible for the fact that the REF10 SE120 currently delivers - to our knowledge - the lowest phase noise, respectively jitter values in the industry. This outstanding technical performance has a noticeable impact on the sonic audiophile result. Precision, transparency, spatiality and dynamics of the musical presentation reach an unprecedented level and will amaze you!


Features REF10 and REF10 SE120

• Audiophile 10 MHz reference generator with leading lowest phase noise
• Improves and enhances compatible DACs, audio re-clockers, music servers and master clocks
• Engineered around a handcrafted, ultra-low phase noise OCXO made in Germany
• Revolutionary, sub-Hz optimized, lowest noise power supply for every circuit section
• Generates a very high slew-rate square wave signal for superior lock precision compared to the sine wave signals used by competing brands
• Provides simultaneous reference outputs with 50 and 75Ω impedance for maximum compatibility with clocks and DACs by other manufacturers
• Eight galvanically isolated, individually switchable BNC clock outputs
• Highly efficient power line filtering
• Integrated, highest-quality international linear power supply
• Intuitive user interface with noble aesthetics
• Rack-mountable with optional mounting brackets for studio use (2U)

Features REF10 SE120
• Audiophile 10MHz reference master clock generator with
ultimately-low phase noise of -120 dBc measured at 1 Hz
offset from the carrier frequency of 10 MHz