Luxman L-507Z Integrated Amplifier



Luxman 100週年震撼推出複雜和技術進化之完美結晶L-507Z綜合擴音機 L-507Z具有震撼性逼真、清新、豐富的樂感和壓倒性的音頻表現力。 Luxman為慶祝將在2025年踏入第100週年,開發了一種新的放大器反饋引擎 LIFES (Luxman Integrated Feedback Engine System)。LIFES實現了音樂性的顯著發展,遠遠超出了同類產品,展望 Luxman 的未來。 LIFES 基於Luxman劃時代的 ODNF 電路的技術理念,在不將任何原始音頻輸入信號反饋到主放大器的情況下實現出色的動態特性,實現非常自然的音質,幾乎可以說是無反饋配備電路。 該設計的構思和擴展基於使用模擬技術和潛心研究的第一原理。通過反複試聽、嚴格檢查和組合特別選擇的組件,Luxman實現了最高的性能特徵和適用於 Luxman 下一代產品的質量水平。在製作 LIFES 1.0 版時,通過仔細重新構想整個電路,成功地減少了並聯元件的數量,同時提高了性能。放大階段的失真已減少到以前系統的一半以下。與獨立功放相媲美的高輸出功率,輕鬆實現自然聲場,充滿能量,自信地驅動任何兼容的揚聲器系統,並發揮其最佳特性。 The integration of sophistication and technical evolution. Introducing our innovative Z series. Luxman’s new generation Z series integrated amplifiers. The L-507Z is the debut model heralding our new generation of amplifier products. Featuring our newly developed LIFES amplification feedback engine, we look towards the future of Luxman. This amplifier has realized a dramatic development in musicality that goes far beyond its class. L-507Z combines advanced technology and sophisticated functionality. Our new, innovative Z series integrated amplifier generation begins with this superb model.

Product Details

Product Features:

Large needle VU level meter and 7-segment LED

Needle-type analog VU meters are a symbolic design statement of Luxman’s solid state integrated amplifiers. The L-507Z is equipped with a large dual meter with bright LED back-lighting and high response characteristics. We have adopted such a display so the movement of the needles synchronizes with the dynamics of your music. In addition, newly included 7-segment LEDs display the attenuation level in between the left and right level meters so that the current attenuation amount can be easily seen from the listening position. The level meter back-lighting and LED display can be turned on and off using the remote control.

Precision hairline finished aluminum top panel

The rectangular chassis housing design features an ultra-thick front panel with a high-quality, blasted white finish. This has become a brand identifier of current Luxman products, with a delicate hairline finished aluminum top panel, a luxurious exterior design adopted for our high-grade amplifiers. The large ventilation slots on the top panel provide sufficient air flow and the entire chassis housing is fabricated from aluminum panels, providing excellent heat dissipation, ensuring the stable operation of this product.

New LECUA1000

Luxman’s New LECUA1000 88-step, electronically controlled attenuator is integrated into the amplifier circuit minimizing sound quality degradation over the full range of volume control. The output section of the preamplifier is equipped with discrete buffer circuitry that confidently drives the subsequent power amplifier stage.

Highly regulated power supply circuit

A highly stable, custom made EI-type power transformer and newly developed, large-capacity filter capacitors (10,000μFx 8) are combined in the power supply unit, which provides instantaneous current supply and voltage stability, easily meeting the demands of dynamic music reproduced through capable speakers.

Luxman’s original technologies

The L-507Z employs many of Luxman’s unique technologies. Beeline construction directs audio input signals via the optimum shortest route through to the speaker output and non-angled circuit board tracing realizes smooth current transmission. A loop-less chassis structure isolates the effects of ground impedance.

Various functions, switching and controls

The L-507Z features a variety of functions, such as the built-in, newly developed MM/MC compatible phono amplifier circuit that supports high-quality analog playback. Sensitive tone controls, L balance control and a loudness function are convenient for sound quality adjustments. The separate function uncouples the pre and power amplification system and a new mute button has been added to the front panel.

Newly designed parallel headphone outputs

In addition to the standard φ6.3mm output, a new φ4.4mm output has been added, with independent left and right ground wiring that greatly improves L-R separation for the listener who wants to enjoy truly three-dimensional sound.

High-quality input terminals

The RCA input terminals for LINE-1 are made from a copper alloy which delivers the conductivity of copper and durability of brass, providing support for audiophile grade cables (20mm pitch for LINE-1 and 18mm pitch for LINE2, 3 and 4).

Low impedance transmission

Large, low resistance, parallel-configured speaker relays transmit the high driving force of a large- scale output circuit without loss. The damping factor has also been improved by direct wiring to the speaker terminals using our proprietary OFC wire that realizes natural signal transmission.

Cast iron feet

The cast iron feet easily support the weight of the L-507Z and they protect delicate music signals from unnecessary vibration due to a characteristic of the design’s density gradient, gradually decreasing from the center to the periphery, which makes resonance less likely to occur.

Ergonomic aluminum remote control

The substantial, ergonomic aluminum alloy remote control can also operate compatible LUXMAN CD players released after 1996.

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