Luxman D-07X Digital Player



傳承LUXMAN卓越旗艦血統 ,D-07X 日本製CD/SACD/MQA播放機 通過提供支援高解析、高取樣率音樂檔案和最新 DAC的數位電路,D-07X為 CD 和 SACD 帶來了前所未有的興奮,CD/SACD仍然為音頻媒體處於重要地位。D-07X 繼承了Luxman旗艦機型 D-10X 的豪華造型和卓越性能。這款先進的數位媒體播放器提供壓倒性的性能。它通過各種媒體真實地傳達了錄製音樂的氛圍和感覺,提供了最佳的聆聽非凡體驗。 DIGITAL PLAYERS D-07X Inheriting LUXMAN’s outstanding flagship pedigree A new class of digital media player Many of the audio formats available today are undergoing a transformational period. By providing digital circuitry that supports advanced, high resolution file formats and the latest DAC environment, this model brings out unprecedented excitement from CDs and SACDs, which are still in an important position as audio media. The D-07X inherits the luxurious styling and outstanding performance our flagship model, the D-10X. This advanced digital media player delivers overwhelming performance. It truly conveys the ambience and feeling of recorded music over a wide range of media, delivering the finest listening experience.



先進的 DAC 電路,以出色的音質再現數位媒體優勢

一樣採用旗艦型號D-10X設定的標準,Rohm Co., Ltd. 製造的高階 BD34301EKV DAC 晶片並採用雙單聲道配置,處理來自CD 和 SACD光碟的數位電路的核心, 到具有卓越品質的最新高取樣率音樂檔案。通過來自 PC、Mac、NAS 等的 USB 輸入,D-07X 支持範圍廣泛的音樂格式編碼,最高可達 PCM 32bits/768kHz和 DSD22.4MHz。還可以使用我們專用的驅動程式軟件來選擇均衡負載的*Bulk Pet 高取樣音檔傳輸。此外,對於目前流行的高音質格式 MQA(MQA-CD/MQA 文件),不論MQA光碟、USB、COAX同軸 和OPT光纖等輸入都能解碼播放。時鐘系統旨在支持精確的數字信號處理,並配備了兩個高精度,低抖動、超低相位噪聲模組,可將振盪頻率附近的噪聲降至最低。還有一個內置的 2 模式模擬 FIR 濾波器,允許您在播放 SACD 或 DSD 文件時選擇您喜歡的音質。

高度堅固的 LxDTM-i 驅動機構

D-07X 採用左側的機械佈局和非對稱配置,實現了最短和理想的音頻信號路徑,並為高質量類比電路提供了空間。支持 CD 和 SACD 播放的光碟讀取部分使用獨創的高度堅固的 LxDTM 機構,它具有堅固的箱體結構,用側框和頂板覆蓋整個機構。我們的 LxDTM-i* 系統已經發展成為一個集成結構,通過直接安裝在堅固的機箱側板上來牢固地阻擋外部振動,實現高精度和穩定的信號讀取性能,可與我們的 D-10X 旗艦型號相媲美。光碟托盤由壓鑄鋁製成,消除了裝載機構不必要的振動和共振影響,實現了精確平穩的裝載操作。
*LxDTM-i 是 Luxman original Disc Transport Mechanism-improved 的縮寫,實現穩定的信號讀取和機械完整性。


作為處理數位音源的部件,驅動機構的高精度信號讀取和先進的數位信號處理非常重要,但決定最終音質的高性能類比輸出電路是最重要的因素。LUXMAN 設計的高端零件期望的能呈現具深度的音樂表現。D-07X 有一個新開發的 I/V 轉換系統,接收成對的 BD34301EKV DAC 晶片的輸出,在單聲道模式下運行,為四個分離完美匹配的放大器模組供電。高質量緩衝電路降低了輸出信號的阻抗。該裝置可強大地驅動任何集成放大器或控制放大器,這些放大器將成為下一級機種的零件。此外,對於數位播放機至關重要的聽覺範圍內的濾波是在緩衝級而不是獨立的LPF級中執行,能夠再現自然流暢的類比波形,獲得更高的清晰度和更直接的音質。


與上一代的 D-06u 型號相比,D-07X 的電源變壓器容量增加了 50%。每個電路都安裝了大容量的濾波電容和獨立的穩壓塊,以形成LUXMAN傳統的高度穩定的整體供電環境。再次實現了清潔和穩定的電力。


D-07X 安裝在屏蔽機箱結構中,將其各種信號路徑與乾擾和數位噪聲隔離開來。其鑄鐵的角柱的密度牢牢地支撐著主體的重量,保護細膩的音樂信號免受通過支撐面傳輸的外部振動的影響。內部阻尼對策消除了裝置本身產生的不必要的振動。

類比輸出配備了 32 毫米間距鍍金 RCA 端子和新採用的 Neutrik 屏蔽 XLR 平衡端子。豐富的數位連接功能包括支援 PCM/DSD 輸入的 USB 端子、支援高達 192kHz/24 位 PCM 格式的同軸和光纖輸入端子,以及同軸和光纖輸出端子。


D-07X 新配備了12V觸發器輸入與Contrel輸入/輸出端子,用於鏈接相應 LUXMAN 產品之間的遠程控制信號。
*不包括連接電纜。請使用3.5 mm單聲道線材。我們希望在未來開發通過無線遠程操作的控制終端支持作為一種選擇。


閃耀在精緻的藍白色飾面面板上的可視性極佳的 FL 顯示屏配備了 4 倍變焦顯示模式,即使從遠處也能輕鬆看到。播放 MQA 格式時,解碼狀態(Studio:藍色,Authentic:綠色,Renderer:洋紅色)由三色 LED 指示燈顯示。

AC 入口和電源線

AC 插座的結構經過改進,通過反向安裝來支撐重型電源線的重量,抑制電源線的任何移動,同時保持穩定的抓地力。



Product Features:

Advanced DAC circuitry, reproducing digital media with excellent sound quality

Following standards set by our D-10X flagship model, high-end BD34301EKV DAC chips manufactured by Rohm Co., Ltd. in dual monaural configuration lie at the core of the digital circuitry that processes various digital media from discs, such as CDs and SACDs, to the latest high resolution audio files with exceptional quality. Over a USB input from a PC, Mac, NAS for audio, etc., the D-07X supports a wide range of format encoding up to PCM768kHz/32 bit and DSD22.4MHz. Bulk Pet transfer, which equalizes transmission load, can also be selected by using our dedicated driver software. Furthermore, for the popular high-quality format MQA (MQA-CD/MQA file), which expands the field of optical discs, streaming USB, COAX, and optical. The clocking system is designed to support accurate digital signal processing and is equipped with two high-precision, low-jitter, ultra-low phase noise modules that reduce noise near the oscillation frequency to a minimum. There is also a built-in, 2-mode analog FIR filter that allows you to select your preferred sound quality when playing SACD or DSD files.

Highly robust LxDTM-i drive mechanism

The D-07X employs a left-side mechanical layout with an asymmetric configuration that realizes the shortest and ideal audio signal path and affords space for high quality analog circuitry. The disc drive section that supports CD and SACD playback is based on our original, highly robust LxDTM mechanism, which features a robust box structure that covers the entire mechanism with a side frame and top plate. Our LxDTM-i* system has evolved into an integrated structure that firmly blocks external vibration by being mounted directly onto the strong chassis side panel, achieving high precision and stable signal reading performance, comparable to our D-10X flagship model. The disc tray is made of die-cast aluminum, eliminating unnecessary vibration and resonance effects on the loader mechanism and enabling precise and smooth loading operation.

*LxDTM-i is an abbreviation for Luxman original Disc Transport Mechanism-improved, which realizes stable signal reading and mechanical integrity.

Newly developed discrete buffer circuitry

As a component that handles digital sources, high-precision signal reading by the drive mechanism and advanced digital signal processing are very important, but it goes without saying that the high performance analog output circuitry which determines the final audio quality is the most important factor in realizing that deep musical expression expected from high-end components designed by LUXMAN. The D-07X has a newly developed I/V conversion system that receives the differential outputs of the paired BD34301EKV DAC chips, operating in monaural mode, and feeds four discrete, perfectly matched amplifier modules. High-quality buffer circuitry lowers the impedance of the output signal. The unit powerfully drives any integrated amplifier or control amplifier that would be the next stage component. Out-of-audible-range filtering, which is essential for digital players, is performed in the buffer stage instead of having an independent LPF stage, enabling the reproduction of natural and smooth analog waveforms, resulting in higher clarity and more immediate sound quality.

Large-capacity power supply

The D-07X’s power transformer capacity has been increased by 50% compared to our D-06u model. Large capacity filter capacitors and independent regulator blocks have been installed for each circuit to develop a highly stable overall power supply environment traditional to LUXMAN. Again, clean and stable power has been achieved.

Discerning original technologies and construction

The D-07X is housed in a shielded chassis structure, insulating its various signal paths from interference and digital noise. The density gradient of its cast iron legs, firmly bearing the weight of the main body, protect delicate musical signals from external vibrations transmitted through the supporting surface. Internal damping countermeasures eliminate unnecessary vibrations generated within the unit itself.

Abundant input / output terminals

The analog outputs are equipped with both 32mm pitch, gold-plated RCA terminals and newly adopted, Neutrik shielded XLR terminals. Abundant digital connectivity features a USB terminal that supports PCM/DSD input, with coaxial and optical input terminals that support PCM formats up to 192kHz/24bit, and coaxail and optical output terminals.

External interlocking terminal to expand the function

The D-07X is newly equipped with trigger input/output terminals for linking remote contrl signals between corresponding LUXMAN products.

*Connection cable is not included. Please source a 3.5mm monaural jack cable. We hope to develop control terminal support via wireless remote operation as an option in the future.

Display with excellent visibility

The FL display with excellent visibility that shines on the delicate panel of blaster white finish is equipped with a 4x zoom display mode that is easy to see even from a distance. When playing the MQA format, the decoding status (Studio: Blue, Authentic: Green, Renderer: Magenta) is displayed by a three-color LED indicator.

AC inlet and power cable

The AC inlet’s structure has been improved to support the weight of heavy power cables by reversing the mounting, suppressing any movement of the power cable while maintaining a stable grip.