Cambridge Audio YoYo (L) Bluetooth Speaker



產品特點: 創新一體化家庭無線音響系統 與其他同類型的便攜式產品不同,Yoyo (L) 是設計成為您家庭的音響中樞神經,提供卓越的功率和音質從而滿足您的所有音頻需求。 它支援藍牙串流、內置 Chromecast、Spotify Connect,不要忘記還可以透過 HDMI ARC 和光纖輸入來連接您的電視。 - Chromecast 內建可與數百個 Android 和 iOS 應用程式兼容的無線連接。 - 連接任何藍牙和 NFC 設備。 - 内置麥克風揚聲器功能 - 內建 USB 連接埠,可為智慧型手機充電 - 四個 EQ 設置,優化您的音頻 Product Features: All-In-One Home Audio System Unlike its portable counterparts, (L) is designed to stay firmly in the hub of home life delivering exceptional power and sound quality for all of your audio needs. This includes Bluetooth streaming, Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect and not forgetting an ARC and Optical Input to hook your TV up to it too. "DO JUDGE A SPEAKER BY ITS COVER. THE YOYO (L) IS DROP DEAD GORGEOUS."