Cambridge Audio ES-30 Outdoor Speaker



產品特點: 戶外揚聲器 - 將大英音樂帶到您的花園、庭院或屋頂。 專爲承受溼度和溫度的極端差異而設計,並將繼續提供清晰的細節和深度,使傳統揚聲器受到損壞。 - 由於端口櫃的設計和一些精細調整的中低音驅動器,提供了極佳的低音擴展。 特選 6.5 吋中低音驅動器。 - 高音處理的是 2.5 英寸鋁圓頂推文,提供最清晰的性能和表現力的聲音。 - ES 喇叭採用啞光白色製成,適合任何環境,配備客製化設計的安裝支架,搭配纜線佈線,完美貼合。 Product Features: Outdoor Speaker Engineered to withstand extreme differences in humidity and temperature, the ES30 outdoor speakers are a perfect choice for your garden, patio or rooftop. Despite their compact size they deliver great bass, thanks to a ported cabinet design and a finely tuned 6.5” mid bass driver. Treble is handled by a 1” aluminium dome tweeter for the crispest performance and an expressive sound.