Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M - Digital to Analogue Converter



數碼音訊表現出色,但需將其作為模擬音訊後才能聆聽。最終的聆聽效果完全取決於您如何轉換存儲於計算機、CD 或您喜歡的串流服務的數碼音訊檔案。DacMagic 200M 每次都能完美將數碼轉換為模擬音訊,令各類音訊系統的音質表現更佳。 DacMagic 200M 數碼模擬轉換器 Dual ESS ES9028Q2M DACs — 輕鬆處理高達 32bit / 768kHz 或 DSD512 的數碼音訊檔案 支援 MQA — 確保您能聆聽到藝術家認可的錄音室級別之音質 數碼光纖、數碼同軸及 USB 輸入 — 連接 CD 播放機、遊戲機、筆記簿型電腦或其他數碼音源 內置藍牙 aptX 音訊解碼器 — 透過智能手機或平板電腦無線傳送數碼音訊檔案 顏色: 月球灰 Digital audio is brilliant, but it needs to be analogue audio before you can hear it. And the way it ends up sounding depends entirely on how you convert the digital audio files stored on your computer, on CD or from your favourite streaming service. DacMagic 200M performs the digital-to-analogue conversion perfectly every time, letting all kinds of audio systems sound better than ever before. DacMagic 200M Digital to Analogue Converter Dual ESS ES9028Q2M DACs - easily handles digital audio files up to 32bit/768kHz or DSD512 Supports MQA - be sure you're listening to artist-approved studio-quality audio Digital optical, digital coaxial and USB inputs - connect CD players, games consoles, laptops or other digital audio sources Built in Bluetooth aptX - send digital audio files from your smartphone or tablet wirelessly Finished in Lunar Grey

Product Details



DacMagic 200M 是 Cambridge Audio 的第一款支援 MQA 的產品。

MQA 是一項屢獲殊榮的英國技術,可在小到可以串流的文件中提供錄音室品質的音效。舉例來說,像 TIDAL 就使用 MQA 技術來為其 Hi-Fi 會員提供大師級音質。Cambridge Audio 的 DacMagic 200M 可以完全解碼和播放 MQA 文件,因此它們聽起來與原創錄音室的錄音完全一樣。

在產品上,請注意藍色的 MQA 指示燈。這代表您正在播放 MQA Studio 文件,該文件已經過錄音室的藝人或製作人核准,或已由版權所有者驗證過。綠色指示燈是確認您正在播放並解碼 MQA 音樂檔。


DacMagic 200M 的核心是一對超高品質的 ESS Sabre 數位-類比轉換器。它們可以處理高達 32 位/768kHz 或 DSD512 的數位音訊檔,因此它們可以處理存儲在 CD、智能手機、計算機或其他任何地方的任何類型數位音樂。

一旦數位檔加載到 DacMagic 200M 上,它的雙 DAC 就會將其轉換為模擬資訊(所有動態和細節都完好無損)。而且,由於它發送到您的音訊設備的模擬信號居然沒有失真,且如此精確和如此逼真,因此您的系統聽起來將比以往任何時候都更加有說服力和完整。


儘管 DacMagic 200M 具有數量驚人的特色、廣泛的功能和非凡的技術,Cambridge Audio 仍設法將上述優點全部裝入一個尺寸僅為 52 x 215 x 191 公釐,打造精美、塗裝完美的鋼鋁箱體中。

這代表它可以巧妙而低調地融入任何現有的音訊設置,而不會佔用大量空間或吸引太多注意力。DacMagic 200M 所需要的只是平衡或非平衡連接到您的系統(當然還有一些主電源),以提供您比收納它盒子規模要大得多的聲音升級。


可以透過多種方式將數位音訊文件導入 DacMagic 200M。數位光纖、數位同軸和 USB 輸入代表可以輕鬆連接 CD 播放器、遊戲機、筆記型電腦或任何其他數位設備——藍牙 aptX 接收代表從智慧型手機或平板電腦無線傳輸文件也同樣簡單。

DacMagic 200M 具有平衡和非平衡模擬輸出,因此可以輕鬆連接到所有類型的音訊系統,還可切換的濾波器,為您提供不同的聲音選項。除了能夠為您的揚聲器提供令人驚嘆的聲音外,它還配備了一個帶有 6.3 公釐輸出的高品質耳機擴大機,因此您可以私下享受 DacMagic 200M 令人感動的音質——無論您喜歡什麼音量都一樣。


Product Features:

Studio Quality Audio

DacMagic 200M is Cambridge Audio’s first product to support MQA.

MQA is an award-winning British technology that delivers studio-quality sound in a file small enough to stream. TIDAL, for instance, uses MQA technology to deliver master-quality sound in their Hi-Fi membership. Cambridge Audio’s DacMagic 200M can fully decode and playback MQA files, so they sound exactly like the original studio recording.

On the product, look out for the blue MQA indicator. This indicates you are playing an MQA Studio file, which has either been approved in the studio by the artist or producer, or has been verified by the copyright owner. The green indicator is confirmation you are playing and decoding an MQA music file.

Powerful Processing

At the heart of the DacMagic 200M is a pair of extremely high-quality ESS Sabre digital- to-analogue converters. They handle digital audio files up to 32bit/768kHz or DSD512, so they can deal with digital music of any kind stored on CDs, smartphones, computers - or anywhere else, for that matter.

Once a digital file is onboard DacMagic 200M, its twin DACs convert it to analogue information with all of its dynamics and detail intact. And, because the analogue signal it sends to your audio set-up is so astonishingly free of distortion, so precise and so lifelike, your system will sound more convincing and complete than it ever has before.

Easy Integration

Despite the incredible number of features, the extensive functionality and the extraordinary technology on board the DacMagic 200M, Cambridge Audio has managed to fit it all into a beautifully built, flawlessly finished steel and aluminium box measuring just 52 x 215 x 191mm.

This means it will fit neatly and discreetly into any existing audio set-up without taking up loads of room or drawing too much attention to itself. All that’s required is a balanced or unbalanced connection to your system (and some mains power, of course) for DacMagic 200M to deliver you a sonic upgrade that’s way bigger than the box it comes from.

Well Connected

It’s possible to get digital audio files into DacMagic 200M in any number of ways. Digital optical, digital coaxial and USB inputs mean CD players, games consoles, laptops or any other digital equipment can be easily hooked up - and Bluetooth aptX reception means it’s just as straightforward to wirelessly deliver files from your smartphone or tablet too.

DacMagic 200M has both balanced and unbalanced analogue outputs, so can be easily connected to audio systems of all types, as well as switchable filters to give you different sonic options. Alongside its ability to deliver stunning sound to your speakers, it has a high-quality headphone amplifier with 6.3mm output on board too, so you can enjoy DacMagic 200M’s thrilling sound quality in private – at whatever volume you like.


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