Cambridge Audio Air 200 V2 Wi-fi/ Bluetooth Speaker (White)



Now with improved sound and Spotify Connect built-in, the multi-award-winning Cambridge Audio Air 200 V2 is better than ever. Improved sound quality Already a highly acclaimed wireless speaker, the Cambridge Audio Air 200 V2 sounds better than ever. With improvements made to the built-in 200 watt amp, the Air 200 V2 sounds deeper and richer than before. BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) speakers - more usually found in hi-fi speakers costing many hundreds of pounds - give a dynamic, lifelike sound that's way more energetic than you might expect from such a compact speaker. Powerful subwoofer built-in Using a centrally located, built-in 6-inch subwoofer gives the Air 200 V2 a powerful advantage over its smaller Air 100 V2 sibling. Ideal for larger rooms or party level volumes, the Air 200 V2 goes deeper and louder. Instant connection to phone, tablet or PC Featuring a wide range of wireless connections, the Air 200 V2 will work with just about any wireless music device. If you've got an Apple device or use iTunes on your PC you can connect up with Apple AirPlay and stream your iTunes music collection straight to the speaker. Or use Bluetooth, which works with the vast majority of smart phones and tablets and supports apt-X and AAC audio files for enhanced sound quality. Spotify has never sounded so good! Internet radio via Wi-Fi The Air 200 V2 also connects to your home hub by Wi-Fi or LAN Ethernet, giving access to internet radio and streaming services, all controlled by the Cambridge Audio app on your smartphone. Neat touches include your five favourite internet radio stations being assigned presets on the unit, for app-free playback. For older sources without wireless connectivity there are also conventional phono and 3.5mm analogue inputs. Now with Spotify Connect The V2 version of the Cambridge Audio Air 200 V2 now comes with Spotify Connect built-in. Spotify Connect uses your existing Spotify account but seamlessly transfers it between sources. So, for example, you might be listening to Spotify on your mobile device then, when you arrive home, transfer it the Air 200 V2 at the touch of a button! Wherever you use 3G or 4G, wi-fi or LAN, AirPlay or Bluetooth, Spotify Connect simply keeps the music following - seamlessly. Simple set up Setting up the Air 200 V2 is easy. Once your Wi-Fi hub has been joined and the Bluetooth paired you're ready to go. The app has ten internet radio stations pre-installed on the presets, which can be easily updated, with versions for both Apple iOS and Android. It also allows control of volume, bass and EQ levels too. Get a second and third unit and you'll have sound around your home. For a big sound from a compact speaker, the Cambridge Audio Air 200 V2 is the party pleaser.