Cambridge Audio AZUR 851C CD Player



產品特點: 升頻 DAC、CD 播放機與前置擴音機 - 最出色的 CD 播放機及 DAC,851C 運用了全面的數碼知識,成為您的數位中心的基石。不論數碼音樂的音源為何,雙差分模式下的兩個 DAC 以及第 2 代自適應型的時間濾波器可使音樂聽起來原汁原味,完全符合原創藝術家的預期 - 傑出。 Product Features: One of the finest CD players and DAC, the 851C uses our extensive digital knowledge to become the cornerstone of your digital hub. No matter the source of your digital music, twin DACs in dual differential mode and 2nd generation Adaptive Time Filtering make the music sound as the original artist intended – extraordinary. "SWEET, REFINED AND SIMPLY MUSICAL... THE SONIC PERFORMANCE IS ABSOLUTELY CONSISTENT. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" - AV MAX, JULY 2014

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