B&W FS-M1 Speaker Stand (Pair)




BOWERS & WILKINS M1 座地架供M1使用 Bowers and Wilkins FS-M1 Speaker Stands Available in Black or White The FS-M1 speaker stands designed by Bowers & Wilkins have been developed to work with the M-1 speakers. They are supplied as a pair of stands that you simply attach to your M-1 speakers to the top of the stand. The stands have a solid base which keeps them sturdy and provides stability. They are available in a white or black finish to compliment your M-1 speakers and sold as a pair. The M-1 highly innovative cable management system is truly appreciated when used in conjunction with the stand. The cable simply enters the base of the stand and the electrical signal is conducted to the speaker through the metal that supports it, while the arm forms the negative conductor and a single, insulated wire running within provides the positive one. The base of the M-1 is a weighted disc that allows the stands to retain an excellent level of stability, making them difficult to fall over.