B&W 607 S3 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)




607 S3書架音箱式揚聲器功能強大,規模龐大,結構緊湊,它將我們的新型鈦膜球頂高音單元™與我們備受讚譽的Continuum™(鋼聽能)中低音音盆的精準度及通透度融合起來。 Offering power and scale that belies its compact form, the 607 S3 bookshelf speaker combines our new Titanium Dome™ tweeter with the accuracy and transparency of our acclaimed Continuum™ bass/midrange cone.



新款607 S3搭載了我們全新的鈦膜球頂高音單元,它將出眾的解析度及響度與平滑、精緻的高頻重現相結合。結果不言而喻:讓您鍾愛的音樂自此具有精確和身臨其境的響度。


607 S3採用了我們聲學通透度更高的高音單元新網罩,起初是為我們備受推崇的珍藏版型號而開發。與全新鈦膜球頂高音單元搭配使用,可實現不凡的解析度和真實感。


得益於其複合結構,Continuum™(鋼聽能)音盆避免了可能影響傳統驅動單元性能的突發音頻過渡。 607 S3可使音質更加開闊、中性,聲音和樂器的表現更加精準和透明。


607 S3的揚聲器端子源自我們近期推出的700系列揚聲器端子,其佈局經過改進,讓功放與揚聲器之間的信號路徑更加清晰。


Same size, even more detail

Ideal for smaller spaces, the 607 S3 uncovers incredible insight and dynamism in your music. Using the same game-changing technologies as its siblings, 607 S3 is perfect for enjoying your music or providing surround sound as part of a home theatre system.

Layered, beautiful details

The new 607 S3 introduces our all-new Titanium Dome tweeter, which combines exceptional resolution and insight with smooth, refined high-frequency reproduction. The result? An accurate and immersive insight into your favourite music.

Truly amazing sound

607 S3 introduces our new and even more acoustically transparent tweeter grille mesh, first developed for our revered Signature models. Alongside the new Titanium Dome tweeter, the resolution and realism is exceptional.

Precision and transparency

Thanks to its composite construction, the Continuum cone avoids the abrupt transitions in behavior that can impair the performance of a conventional drive unit. With 607 S3, experience a more open, neutral performance that delivers voices and instruments with precision and transparency.