Audio Quest Dragon eARC HDMI Digital Audio/Video Cable

長度 (M)



AudioQuest eARC-Priority cables are full-on 48-Series HDMI cables with the 48Gbps bandwidth required for 8K-10K video and all the latest video features. While the main A/V data pairs have Cinnamon-level performance (Forest 48’s solid 0.5% Silver + Carbon & Vodka 48’s Level-3 Noise-Dissipation), the eARC data pair and Ground-Reference drain in eARC-Priority cables use all the same advanced design ingredients as their “48” siblings. Dragon eARC features 100% Perfect-Surface Silver eARC conductors and Ground-Reference conductors with Level-6 Noise-Dissipation. For soundbars and other ARC input-equipped gear, this allocation of design and material resources offers superior sonic performance at the friendliest possible prices.

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